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1450 W Chester Pike, West Chester, PA 19382

203 The earl wears less armor than he would if he knew he were facing a combat situation.

Havertown, PA Branch

At the 20th Street intersection, both directions of PA 3 become one-way streets, with Market Street carrying four lanes of eastbound traffic and John F.

4102 W Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA 19073

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, "as a minstrel," recalls an episode in the romance of Apollonius of Tyre in which Apollonius' abducted daughter escapes service in a foreign brothel by thwarting the desire of those seeking her services by her rhetoric.

1915 Chester Pike, Eddystone, PA

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Whan he com in to the forest, Th'emperur a fond al prest; For envi A prikede out before is ost, For pride and for make bost, And gan to crie: "Aghilt thee, treitour! Now wille I sende therafter prest And let brochen Reynessh wyne And do that yerbe anoon therynne, And what he be, that ther-of doth drynke, He shal lerne for to wynke And slepe anon after ryght Al a day and al a nyght.

1520 Chester Pike, Folcroft, PA

3749 A mark was an accounting measure not an actual coin used in medieval England, equal to thirteen shillings fourpence.

Pennsylvania Route 3

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The westbound direction bends north around the train station, running along a one-way street with two lanes of traffic that heads north on Schuykill Avenue and crosses under the SEPTA tracks before turning west on Arch Street.

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347 Like the huntsman in Snow White and various other folk narratives, Saber circumvents the commands of a wicked mother by slaying an animal.

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3356 A pitched battle is a particular strategy in medieval warfare.