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yes in the merchant minute segment he has been complaining about meeting a woman for years.

Evalion, Canada’s littlest Nazi ¶ Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto

I'm not sure why this thread brought this to mind except for the fact the Sinead has spent most of her time yelling at people and calling them Jews for disagreeing with her, making libelous accusations against Nationalist men, accusing them of raping her girlfriends, and trying - above all - to get women to follow her weird Nazbol by way of Strasser notions on NS by telling us that we don't have to give up feminism in order to be good women who are tstill the epitome of perfect Reich women.

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The funniest thing about that is where they admit talking to the FBI in it, whereas the rest of the time they accuse the Daily Stormer of being some kind of FBI operation and a lot of other earnest people of being federal informants.

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In response to the OP, there was a video on porn sites of what was obviously Evalion getting rawdogged by a nigger.

Youtuber Evalion is kicked off the site after sharing racist views

An easy way to accomplish this is to bring your own backdrop, which could double as a surface on which to scribble slogans with the lousy type that leftists are prone to using.

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It is a duty as men to shame other men who act like this, as it harms society generally, it harms sex relations, and it individually hurts the people who are exposed to it in the context of believing it is good, normal or acceptable in any way to act like this.

Evalion, Canada’s littlest Nazi ¶ Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto

Evalion insists that the leader of the Nazis was a good man whilst also admitting to being a Holocaust denier.

Evalion is Batsh#t Crazy

Angel-faced Youtuber, 18, is kicked off the site after sharing racist views and singing Happy Birthday to Hitler - with swastika CUPCAKES• MORE VIDEO ABOUT LIL SHARDAE EXPOSED.

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' And Polite-Critical said: 'I don't support what Evalion says, but I defend her right to say it.